EnGage Passport Closes Loop For Retailers

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

EnQii this week announced that it was launching EnGage Passport – a mobile phone application that allows retailers to deliver targeted offers in-store to their online customers.

Passport will be offered as a ‘white labelled’ mobile application to retailers who are using EnQii’s EnGage digital signage system as well as retailers who may be using other signage systems.

“We are very excited by this new product”, said Ajay Chowdhury, EnQii’s CEO. “One of the biggest challenges retailers face today is recognizing when their on-line customers enter their physical stores. EnGage Passport allows retailers to manage their multi-channel interactions with their customers and allows them to make targeted offers to their online and social customers when they are most ready to buy in the physical store. This closes the loop for retailers and allows them to compete more effectively with their online only rivals.”

The customer downloads the EnGage Passport Mobile App and is prompted to check in through a digital sign as they enter the store. When they check in, the retailer knows who they are and where they are. The retailer can send targeted offers to their phone or even change the message on the digital screen to tailor it to the customer’s profile. The customer can use the Mobile App to look at what is available in the store and even post messages and images to Facebook to interact with their friends.

EnGage Passport is a suite of Web Services that provide services to support a product catalog, product details, and couponing.

The EnGage Passport white labeled App, which is available for rebranding and enhancement, is currently available on Android and will shortly be built for the iPhone. This App provides the following capabilities: store locator, a hierarchical product catalog, and a “wallet” for coupons. This wallet capability is used to store coupons that are captured from QR Codes displayed on Digital Signs or in print media. The wallet can be integrated with a loyalty program to provide a single integrated mobile/web/store customer experience. Once stored, coupons can be recalled for display at point-of-purchase or integrated with a store’s Enterprise systems to provide additional redemption options.

EnGage Passport’s coupon capabilities can also be used to implement programs in the absence of a customized Passport Mobile App directing customers who scan QR codes to a configurable URL. This URL can be used to implement a signup scheme, or to provide alternatives to the Mobile App coupon storage. A related white paper has been issued that explains the workings of Passport in some more detail.

More information on EnGage Passport is available in this white paper available for download here.

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