Hankook Tire Re-Launches Tire Billboard In Times Square

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

In the midst of flashy Times Square with its numerous digital out-of-home boards, Hankook Tire America Corp., Wayne, New Jersey, has re-launched its popular tire-shaped billboard in a new marketing initiative that will make it a visual staple right in the center of America’s most famous intersection for at least one full year.

The billboard, a 31’ x 98’ image that replicates the tread of Hankook Tire’s ultra-high performance Ventus V12 evo tire, will remain on the façade of the Marriott Marquis hotel in prominent display for a full year.

Hankook’s decision to return to Times Square stems from a similar tire billboard erected in the same location in 2010. The outstanding positive feedback that Hankook received from last year’s Times Square billboard made this year’s signage a solid decision. Hankook’s 2010 billboard was praised for its creative design and unique application as a tire protruding from the front of the building.

“As one of the fastest growing tire companies in the world, the time has come for Hankook to be in locations like Times Square and alongside other well-known, established brands,” said Soo Il Lee, president of Hankook Tire America Corp. “With more than 1.5 million consumers passing through Times Square every day, we are placing Hankook on one of the largest advertising stages in the world.”

In addition to billboards, print and broadcast advertising, Hankook’s marketing efforts include engaging consumer promotions, such as baseball-themed rebate programs giving consumers the chance to win a new car in addition to a rebate. The goals are to penetrate major metropolitan areas in an effort to raise consumer awareness, increase market presence and foster brand recognition.

5 Responses to “Hankook Tire Re-Launches Tire Billboard In Times Square”

  1. Adam Says:

    What’s Digital Out Of Home, interactive or innovative about this? It’s just another big board in Times Square. I question if consumers even pay attention, must less retain with all the clutter. How could this be made interactive or truly measurable?

  2. JP Biamby Says:

    Nice post Gail!
    I noticed this static billboard but I was wondering who is the decision maker or media buyer for Hankook because our Experiential Advertising team has some great ideas on how we can make this an engaging interactive experience that would make pedestrians in Times Square stop in their tracks and stare at it.

  3. js Says:

    @Adam, good question. I have to agree with everything you’ve written. But interaction with digital signage seems to be easily accomplished now with mobile technology, or not?

  4. Adam Says:

    I a mobile technology could be one way to accomplish interaction. It not the only one. However, in Times Square, it still may require more to capture attention. Such as Brand Ambassador interaction and/or making the interaction with the signage an attraction that people come to experience. Buzz about the signage in advance through social media, press, WOM, etc. Just tossing a billboard up in a busy intersection with a QR code doesn’t = interactivity, either. The Forever 21 Digital Billboard is one example that does it without mobile, however if they added a mobile component that allowed you to tweet your picture or upload to facebook, etc the company could measure and convert more of the experience they are creating into sales and more importantly loyal consumers.

  5. js Says:

    @Adam, you’re totally right about the QR code not creating an interactive experience. Thanks for clarifying that! I haven’t seen the Forever 21 DS but would love to. Thanks for helping me think about the (DS) box! Feel free to shoot more words of wisdom my way! 😉

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