Fallen Angels Excite Commuters

Geny Caloisi

Passers by at Victoria Station in London had a chance to interact with gorgeous angels, all be it only in a virtual manner. Lynx brought to the general public its Lynx Excite Fallen Angels ad on the first weekend of March.

By standing on a hot spot, the public could experience a bit of augmented reality at first hand by watching themselves in the big digital billboard at the station. The life size angels fell by the side of the person standing on the hot spot; they walked around them and they could interact with them – well in fact there was a chap with a laptop ‘puppeteering’ the angels near by!

The spectacle certainly stopped people in their tracks and many were ready to play. Let’s see if the angels come to a station close to you?

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  1. Neil Morris Says:

    This activity was conceived by Mindshare Invention, produced and managed by Grand Visual with fantastic cooperation from JCDecaux’s digital team.
    The angels will be falling at Birmingham’s Bullring this weekend using Ocean Outdoor’s LED site there with support from Ocean’s also fantastic digital team.

  2. Ana Udrea Says:

    Well, they might just come as the DOOH is predicted to go beyond London’s borders.

  3. Augmented reality explained « Says:

    […] Augmented reality is a term for a camera enhanced view of a physical real-world environment, where virtual elements are merged with the real-life scene creating a ‘mixed reality’ of virtual elements and the real world. An example we talked about recently is the Fallen Angels from Linx. […]

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