#CETW Keynote To Be Sure To Be Sure

Dylan Jones, Jones Digital Media

With CETW less than six weeks away, I spoke with Garry McGuire, CEO of Reach Media Group, about what we can expect from his much anticipated keynote address.

Without giving too much away, Garry’s big on the power of digital out-of-home to engage, entertain and inform active consumers as they go about the business of their day. So, we can expect some highlighting of major industry trends and digital out-of-home best practices, coupled with some great case studies that get to the heart of what makes DOOH such a powerful tool for advertisers.

We also know RMG walks the walk when it comes to integrating proximity marketing, mobile interaction and social networking on its screens, so we can expect some insight around location- based offers as the next ‘killer app’ in DOOH.

I’ll be at CETW, tweeting and firing off reports for our ever-demanding Editor-in-Chief and also presenting a seminar on ‘Peeling back the onion of content’. Come and check it out. It’s all about content without the tears!

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