Haivision Offers Promo To Build Business

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Although we know there are all sorts of deals available, we don’t often see companies in the young DOOH industry publicly announce promotions, so found it interesting that Haivision is pushing this offer publicly and across the globe.

Haivision, Montreal and Chicago, has launched a promotion whereby it will provide, for a limited time (ie. until April 30/11), a free CoolSign Stand Alone digital signage system to any customer that adds a Haivision Makito DVI encoder to a new or existing Furnace IP video system.

Haivision’s CoolSign promotion is designed to stimulate awareness about combined streaming/signage solutions and, obviously, to help build its own business.

CoolSign is Haivision’s full-featured digital signage solution. The CoolSign Stand Alone system is an integrated hardware/software platform including both the CoolSign server and player components. The integration of Haivision’s CoolSign and Furnace systems enables users to establish live and controlled HD signage to every desktop via the license-free InStream player and to flat-panel displays via Haivision’s low-cost Stingray set-top box.

Haivision’s Furnace system is the industry’s first and only end-to-end system for HD H.264 live distribution, recording, playout, and video-on-demand. It enables the controlled delivery of HD video throughout an enterprise. The company’s patented InStream soft player technology doesn’t require installation, works equally on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, and every player can be centrally controlled by administrators. The Stingray set-top box delivers both live HD video and HD signage channels to flat-panel displays. The Makito is a leading full-featured H.264 HD 1080p60 compact encoder.

Combining the power of CoolSign, Furnace, and Makito, users can launch live HD signage channels to reach a variety of users over diverse networks.

“Haivision is unique in offering a combined digital signage and video streaming solution,” says Peter Maag, executive vice-president at Haivision. “Today, our Furnace and CoolSign systems together make it easy for users to implement signage as a controlled channel within an IP video system. The industry has been searching for a simple blended approach to reaching all users with any live, preproduced, data-driven, or interactive content. With the best IP video and digital signage technology under one roof, Haivision is addressing this very basic need.”

Details about the promotion are available frpm both Haivision sand from authorized Haivision resellers globally.

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