Sorry What Did You Say?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Microelectric Hearing Aids, a group of five hearing clinics in Switzerland, wanted to improve the service it gave to its patients, promoting its services and products in a way that was suitable for everyone, including hard-of-hearing people.

The clinic wanted to take advantage of the patients waiting times, which are no longer than 5-10 minutes, offering entertainment as well as information about additional services and special products.

To achieve this Microelectric chose to implement ONELAN digital signage system.

Five ONELAN Net-Top-Box Century 510s have been installed driving 40” LED screens, one in the waiting room of each clinic.

The content is in both Swiss and English, and comprises:  still Images; RSS newsfeed; promotional videos; and client appointment timetables.

Promotional videos are supplied on a regular basis by manufacturers of hearing aids and accessories, and Microelectric choose which ones to use. These are then rendered and uploaded to the media players.

All the content is updated remotely via internet (using FTP and HTTP) by Sinform, who both supplied and now manage the digital signage for Microelectric.

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