You Have Chosen #InfoComm11

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Following on from our missives ‘Why #IC11 Will NOT Work‘ and ‘#ic11 How To Shorten A Tweet‘ (valid arguments that had fallen on deaf ears with the InfoComm organisers) we setup a Twtpoll exactly a week ago AND 72 votes later #avtweeps and the twitterati have indeed chosen the hashtag that they would like to see used for the InfoComm event in Orlando this June…

#InfoComm11 received 83% of the total vote whilst the hashtag that the InfoComm organisers are still trying to standardise on #IC11 not surprisingly only received 7 votes (garnering just 10% of the total vote).

There was 1 vote for Other – #InfoComm was suggested which just wouldn’t work as it is used throughout the year making it less than unique for purpose leading up to Orlando in June.

There were 4 votes for Don’t Care which was crazy. If there is any interest in having one single social media conversation around a show or event you all need to have decided on one unique hashtag that everyone will use without question before all the twitter kicks off. Not caring is not an option.

Remember please that our initial arguments against #IC11 still stand…

  1. It’s in use elsewhere (two places in fact)
  2. Camping on someone else’s hashtag is not the ‘done thing’
  3. It’s not unique enough AND a shorter hashtag is not better than a longer one if you lose uniqueness
  4. A longer unique hashtag is better than a shorter non-unique one
  5. The text ‘InfoComm11’ is on every graphic / logo to do with the show and so #InfoComm11 is already pretty well advertised
  6. No one shortens ‘InfoComm’ to ‘IC’ so why use that abbreviation in a hashtag?
  7. A more descriptive hashtag can result in shorter tweets (so length is not always an issue), see ‘#ic11 How To Shorten A Tweet

So we guess now, the question is “will the InfoComm organisers listen and issue a new directive with a new hashtag?” . Let’s hope so.

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