EnQii Solutions For Global Beauty Industry

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The way to succeed in this sector is we believe, very much via ‘branded fixtures’ which we have spoken about many, many times before. In fact the next couple of days will see an interesting announcement from Lab Series with a digital fixture that turns a screen into a skin scanner enabling a customer’s skin type to be analysed and suitable products then recommended!!

Still for now we see EnQii make a major play in this sector – launching digital signage solutions into the global beauty industry and with the same breath announcing that James Bremner has joined them from i-vu as Global Business Director – Beauty

EnQii is targeting significant market share as part of their overall digital signage growth plans and James’ role is to cover hair and beauty salons, day-spas, nail salons, cosmetic retail outlets and the full range of beauty and cosmetology establishments.

Stuart Armstrong, President, EnQii Americas told us “James brings immediate market advantage to EnQii through demonstrating how to drive additional salon revenue through the use of digital signage networks. He has enormous energy as well as substantial sales and marketing expertise”.

He added “With over 10 years’ experience in tech consultancy to the hair and beauty industries, James understands how to use technology and media best practices that are unique to this market.”

James Bremner will also work with James Abdool, President, EnQii EMEA, and Joe Rossi, President, EnQii APAC, on building the EnQii value proposition within Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

This sounds like an EnQii gain and an i-vu loss – James was previously VP Business Development for i-vu USA Inc., where he managed some of the largest accounts in the global beauty industry.

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