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ScreenFX says it is to buy an unnamed business

ScreenFX says it is to buy an unnamed business.

As they do not have any money and are desperately trying to dispose of their TrainFX network in next 2 months it is no surprise that the acquisition (should it ever happen) is to be “wholly funded by shares”

LONDON (Thomson Financial) – Digital advertising and communications specialist ScreenFX PLC said it has agreed to acquire a business operating in a related field, although the target was not named.

The acquisition, which will take several weeks to complete, will be wholly funded by shares in ScreenFX, the company added.

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There are a number of people, including some ScreenFX shareholders who are looking at the business – buying it out, buying the remnants of it, should it go under etc. and I would not be surprised if this ‘deal’ may be part of that or a lead up to it.

How often, unfortunately, have we heard of companies going bankrupt then re-emerging as a new business entity elsewhere.