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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

At the end of March we wrote in the post ‘Scala Wallahs Do India“Scala it appears now has 25 full-time employees in India … courtesy of (a rather quiet) acquisition of .. Digifour Technologies” and they have alas continued to keep very quiet about the acquisition, their future plans and what they have been up to in the country.

Scala India with Oscar Elizaga and Gerard Bucas

In our discussions these past few weeks with various people about helping us with India (and China) coverage (you may have noticed our email text tag line ‘advert’ recently) we have actually discovered just how successful Scala seem to be doing in India.

One way to succeed in India is to offer a total solution and with the size of the Scala division there (and the experience of the folks) it seems that this is exactly what Scala have been doing and plan to do more of going forward. Scala we are told by locals is already offering project management, content creation, content management, network management and even hosting.

Some of the new and existing Scala business we have been hearing about from locals include: –

  • A couple of large infrastructure projects; including the new Hyderabad Airport and the new Delhi Airport.
  • Rollout of 200 x 65” screens for the TimesOOH project
  • YUM India’s business. We hear that all new KFC and Taco Bell restaurants opened since the middle of last year are now equipped with Scala Digital Menu boards (YUM is expanding incredibly rapidly across India for some reason)
  • Emporio Shopping mall (which we believe is the most exclusive mall in India) and something we covered a while back here
  • Three major Indian universities (one being the Jawaharlal Nehru University) are now using Scala across their campuses
  • A big win at one of the major Indian hotel chains
  • Tata Consulting Services (TCS) continue to use and rollout more Scala for corporate communications throughout its buildings

For those wishing to charge top-dollar, India is of course a country where it is very difficult to do business. For a long time Australian based Ryarc Media Systems seemed to be doing a roaring trade there (we hear little from them anywhere globally these days) but all the time the competition was from cheap and mass produced home grown software and services.

As much as it pains us to write; Scala seem to be bucking the trend.

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