New Director Of Sales At Ayuda

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We had no idea why (necessarily) BroadSign were ‘Looking For National Sales Director‘ for North America until a little birdie told us that previous incumbent Daniel Fleischer had recently joined Ayuda Media Systems.

Daniel Fleischer Profession: Pilot, Career: Actor

Both BroadSign and Ayuda are of course based in Montreal, Canada.

Daniel started at Ayuda last Monday (4th April 2011) though it appears that he actually resigned from BroadSign well over a month ago and was about to go work for a generic ERP software company.

Ayuda CEO Andreas Soupliotis told us “it wasn’t until he and I started speaking on LinkedIn that we realised we had common synergies”.

Andreas was at pains to point out that Ayuda did not poach Daniel.

No doubt Daniel represents continued growth for Ayuda as up until now Andreas has been the single ‘face’ of sales for the company and that would now appear to be all set to change.

Andreas said “Dan will help me sell Splash ERP to the top DOOH networks, and help me pitch Symphony to agencies and networks’.

The lesson for all companies that want to be successful; grab good people when they come on the market and always hire the best. This is a good hire.

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  1. Joseph Klein Says:

    BS seems to average one sales director per year….Really!? I have worked with two in the past 18 months, both of which were outstanding…Nothing but good things to say there. – One of which is mentioned above, the other I believe located in the NorthEast U.S. Both are industry veterans… hmmm?!Not too mention there were three others over the past two/three years…. Makes us wonder why such talent is scurrying from the ship?! Best of luck to Daniel, he will do well as a Pilot, Actor, turned Director!


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