CCO Partners With Albuquerque School District

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc. today has a new digital billboard partnership with the Albuquerque School District in Albuquerque, New Mexico, whereby four new poster size digital displays have been launched in highly trafficked locations surrounding Cibola, Del Norte, Eldorado and Manzano high schools.

Clear Channel Outdoor has partnered with the Albuquerque School District to develop ad copy standards that include restrictions on categories that include alcohol, gaming, tobacco, amongst others. Furthermore, one out of every eight ad rotations on the digital boards will be used for communicating APS campaigns and messages.

“We’re committed to using these new digital boards to enhance the local community,” says Monica Armenta, executive director of communications, Albuquerque Public Schools. “APS will be responsible for monitoring and approving all ad copy to ensure the messages displayed will be of the highest standard and beneficial to the school environment.”

Sally Adams, president of Clear Channel Outdoor in Albuquerque, says that this public-private collaboration represents a win-win for the school district and local community.

“The dynamic digital displays will help schools to deliver their own messages to the local community and provide a new platform for public service announcements and serving emergency response needs in real time,” says Adams.

Digital billboards have proven to be invaluable community services tools in delivering emergency messaging to the public quickly. With instantaneous alerts, digital billboards are one of the most effective means for public service communications and in providing emergency messaging of many types.

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