What OOH Industry News Is Important To You?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Faraz Khan asked yesterday “What Out-of-Home Industry news is most important to you?”

As the prime supplier of much of this, this poll interests us a lot so please do pop over to the DoMedia blog and vote (or you can find it on our LinkedIn group)

One Response to “What OOH Industry News Is Important To You?”

  1. Faraz Khan Says:

    Thanks for spreading the word Adrian. The results of this poll can be viewed publicly and I will share them once the poll is closed.

    Each of these topics are gaining momentum in the DOOH category and it will be interesting to see what followers will say is most important to them. DailyDOOH does a great job covering these stories so please leave feedback on the poll or in this comment section to help news sources bring better content to you.

    Feel free to promote this poll to your colleagues by using these links: http://www.dailydooh.com/archives/45414 or http://poll.fm/2wrhk

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