Minkus Case Dismissed?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We are not lawyers (obviously) and are still looking through the legal documents that we found on the intertube but it looks to us like we may have to throw a big THANK YOU party for Stratacache, Inc., CS Software Holdings, LLC, JCDecaux North America Inc., Monster Media LLC, YCD Multimedia, Inc., Barco Federal Systems, LLC, Barco Inc., Lamar Advertising Company, Lamar Media Corporation, Richardson Electronics, LTD, D3LED, LLC, Premier Retail Networks, Inc., Scala, Inc., and AMI Entertainment Network, Inc. who COLLECTIVELY were “defendants” in the Minkus Minkus legal action.

It seems that the “defendants’ were able to prove that the plaintiff (that’s the idiots at Minkus Minkus and all controlling Patent Troll parent companies) failed to satisfy the pleading requirements for indirect infringement…

Specifically, defendants argue that (1) any third party infringed the ‘174 patent prior to the filing of the first amended complaint as a result of any acts by defendants; (2) any specific product that is not capable of substantial non- infringing use was sold by defendants prior to the filing of the first amended complaint; and (3) defendants possessed the requisite knowledge and intent to indirectly infringe the ‘174 patent at the time of the alleged infringement

I am sure someone will tell us for sure but it looks to us like the case has been dismissed. If so then that is victory for the good guys and hats off for all those who stuck together.

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