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#MPDOOH – How Target Reinvented Its Video Game Section

In the only case study at MediaPost’s DOOH Forum, Trevor Kaufman, CEO of Possible Worldwide [1], gave a great rundown, complete with illustrations, on how Target [2] redesigned its entire video game section with totally rearranged open displays, colour-coded departments and interactive information kiosks.

[3]Stating that he believes 2012 will be the Year of Interactive, Kaufman said that before the redesign, only 14% of Target’s customers were buying games in-store because the games were stacked on shelves behind glass, and unless you knew how a game worked, people were reluctant to buy.

The aim was to make the video games section less forbidding by giving better sight lines for the consumers, showcasing the games, and educating consumers through letting them to browse a catelogue and seeing how the games work via the kiosks’ interactive screens.

“We wanted to make them accessible, even for people in wheelchairs, so it was essential to use a vertical screen,”
Kaufan said. “We used relevant information higher up, with key information lower and keys at the bottom. And to give clues that it was interactive, the screen was slanted on an angle with silhouettes to show that it could be touched.”

The screens were geared for Moms to use, but then to interest kids, there are testimonials re the games from Moms. And even more, the screens allow users to take the information from the screens by emailing it to themselves and, via mobile devices, can take the information with them.

The newly designed sections and kiosks are now in all Target stores, showing greatly improved sales.