i-CONIC IMAGES Red Bull Video Catalogue

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Red Bull is not just the leading brand in energy drinks and the current Formula One Champion, it also sponsors a raft of music and sports events, including the emblematic Red Bull Air Race and runs its own online TV Channel.

The iconic brand is now entering the world of DOOH by making its entire catalogue of video available through a landmark deal with i-CONIC IMAGES, a leading supplier of video clips to the digital out of home market.

Russ Curry, Managing Director of i-CONIC IMAGES told us “After two long years of negotiations, we are delighted to be able to announce that we have acquired long-term world-wide rights for the fabulous Red Bull Video Catalogue.”

Filmed without any apparent concerns for budget, the company lists over 100 varieties of extreme and weird sports that it covers for its online TV channel and for distribution to other satellite & terrestrial channels. i-ICONIC IMAGES has decided to concentrate on only 17 sports which it thinks will be most popular, and in the first phase samples of 7 of these can be viewed on a dedicated ‘white label’ site called www.rbcat.co.uk

The seven topics currently available are: Air Race, Cliff Diving, Free Running, Freestyle Ski, Freestyle Soccer, Soccer and ‘X-Fighters’ (Acrobatic Moto-X).

Some of the events, notably the spectacular Air Race, are filmed with budgets that would put Hollywood to shame. Onboard cameras, travelling shots, helicopter shots, Lumas – you name it, Red Bull use it – nothing but the best is good enough. And needless to say, everything is at very least HD and most of the i-CONIC IMAGES selections are Full HD. There’s nothing better on the market for showing off large screens to their full advantage.

Another bonus for networks that do use sound is that most clips come with their own unique music tracks which all synch rights cleared; and several have optional full audio tracks with ambient sound, voice-overs and interviews in English with some also available in German.

Although Formula One race footage is still untouchable, thanks to Mr. Bernie Ecclestone, the company does have plenty of ‘paddock’ footage including interviews with the current world champion Sebastian Vettel.

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  1. Peter Miles Says:

    What lovely ‘free’ advertising for Red Bull! Well done them.


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