3M Digital Signage Down Under?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

No mention of 3M Digital Signage in this announcement from down under which sees Telstra Enterprise & Government and PDM enter a a three year exclusive Go-To-Market partnership in the Digital Out of Home space…

In a move designed to assist Australian businesses to deploy world-class Out-of-Home Digital (OOHD) Signage display solutions, Telstra’s Enterprise & Government Division and PDM will jointly pursue opportunities for OOHD media within the Australian marketplace through their complimentary product and service solutions.

Telstra are globally the only significant 3M Digital Signage user so strange that they are not included / named specifically in this announcement or it could just be that is is assumed that 3M are the de facto Telstra install option. However when you see wording such as this…

Telstra’s state-of-the-art IP networks – Next IP™ and Next G™ – provide the reach, reliability and power required to deploy and run creative content at point-of-sale. PDM, which has the largest Out-of-Home Digital Media network in Australia will provide its highly experienced in-house creative team, media management systems and experienced marketing consultants who understand the unique requirements of this medium.

… and you think of what the 3M brand is worth, you have to ask yourself exactly what is going on?

3M though are one of those companies, that despite all its best intentions, have simply not got to grips with digital signage hardware and software solutions (their Vikuiti product of course is great and very well thought of).

It wouldn’t be a surprise if 3M were one of the next companies to pull out of the market and announce a division for sale.

In the press release PDM Chairman Warwick Syphers went on to say “PDM is delighted by the further strengthening of the relationship between our companies. Working in close collaboration, we will analyse and assess the Australian market to identify, clarify and customise the OOHD content solution needs of individual customers. We will also consider how we can address the potential common solution needs of sets of customers. A partnership of market leaders will only serve to accelerate a fast-growing new media market.”

All in all this sounds like a strong telco / managed service provider sort of partnership that will probably win significant retail business going forward.

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