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Smokey Bear In EYE Malls On Earth Day

Heading into Earth Day [1], April 22, New York-based EYE Malls [2] is running a public service announcement featuring the iconic Smokey Bear [3] in its digital units.

[4]The campaign was developed in partnership with U.S. Forest Service [5] and the National Association of State Foresters [6]. It highlights the need for individuals to step into Smokey’s shoes to help prevent wildfires. The PSA is being promoted in partnership with the Ad Council [7] and will run through mid-May across 10 malls.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with EYE on this iconic campaign to help Americans understand their role in wildfire prevention,” says Charlie Rutman, executive director of media, Ad Council. “Partnering with EYE will help continue to raise awareness about Smokey Bear’s longstanding message.”

In its other efforts for Earth Day, EYE is also taking a step towards a more sustainable solution for its backlit panels in over 300 malls by switching to a LED lighting program in many of its malls. The environmentally friendly technology which uses less energy, reduces carbon and heat emissions and has a longer life span will also include an individual unit timer to ensure units power off during non-operating mall hours.

To-date, EYE has installed these LED lighting kits in 34 malls with plans to install the system in nearly 60 malls over the next few years. The program will ultimately update the lighting in over 1,000 Eyelite (back lit) units across these malls.

Since the initial lighting kits went in, EYE has already seen a decline in operating costs and it is likely that the malls are also benefiting from the reduced energy consumption.

Jeff Gunderman, senior vice-president, EYE USA, says, regarding this green initiative, “Not only is it cost effective, but it’s helping promote an environmentally friendly program for everyone and we’re happy to be a part of it.”