signagelive, Booth 805

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

UK-based signagelive’s newest software tools let digital signage network operators work in the language of their choice and across any browser or mainstream operating system.

These and powerful new content development and playback tools are some of the new offerings being showcased by signagelive at the upcoming Customer Engagement Technology World trade show in San Francisco, April 27-28.

The multi-lingual user interface means digital signage network operators are no longer restricted to running software developed only in the English language. Using language packs, signagelive users can choose their native language – Spanish, for example – in the web browser settings, and then have the full content management system delivered in the selected native tongue.

“We think multilingual support is tremendously important when you get down to the local site administration of networks, where the level of English skills may not be as high as at a main office,” says Jason Cremins, remote media CEO. “Our language support will auto-detect the locale of the computer and present the native language in the signagelive interface.”

signagelive now has full cross-browser and operating system support, meaning network managers are not restricted by devices and operating systems in managing or running their networks.

signagelive’s Layout Creator has been upgraded to a fully functional Layout Designer, bringing the power of professional-class photo editing suites to digital signage. The new toolset includes the type of layering, sizing, alignment and other design tools usually reserved for standalone software applications. The Layout Designer also includes template layouts, a library of background images, and enhancements for handling and presenting fonts and RSS feeds.

Interactive features have also been added or enhanced.. A new QR code widget has been added, allowing network operators to build the 2D bar codes into screen layouts and encourage mobile phone users to scan the codes for offers or further information. signagelive has also developed its own tools for visualizing social media feeds from platforms such as Twitter and Foursquare.

The company will be demonstrating real-world solutions being used by partners such as Denver-based Ping HD and is also supporting show communications by providing the management and distribution for content running on 10 screens around the show floor and entry points, using 46-inch LCDs provided by Samsung, Advantech 303 media players and Walsh Wireless broadband.

Cremins is scheduled to speak at the show, as part of session on “Understanding the Landscape of Customer Engagement Technology.”

Just for the trade show, signagelive has a special offer – in conjunction with Advantech – for an Advantech ARK-DS303P media player with 12 months of signagelive services for $500. The offer is limited to the first 10 customers, and one per company.

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