Pearl Media Transform The Roosevelt Hotel

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Lexus and Pearl Media put a twist on traditional Earth Day activities when it brought Earth Night to Hollywood as part of the launch of the all new CT 200h.

Pearl Media transformed the famous Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard into a massive 8,000 sq ft 3D projection featuring (now almost obligatory) architectural light mapping technology.

Using projection, lighting, shadows and 3D animation, the imagery popped from the walls and windows of the hotel to animate the landmark.

Josh Cohen, President Pearl Media told us “What sets us apart is the ability to ensure high definition quality images and still maintain great 3D Pop. Our Unique 3D-HD mapping system ensures our clients brands and images are portrayed exactly as they are envisioned”

Josh tells us that Pearl Media are currently working on several other 3D programs that will be coming to US cities shortly.

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