DCM Hires Simon Rees As Mangling Director

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Digital Cinema Media, the cinema sales house, owned by the Odeon and Cineworld cinema chains has appointed Simon Rees as its new managing director.

We loved the line in the Campaign story “Since leaving his role as the chief executive of Mindshare in 2002, Rees has worked with a number of companies, including the now-defunct digital outdoor media owner Avanti Screenmedia as its chief executive” – at least ex AIM listed Avanti gets a mention but seriously let’s gloss over the failures and hark back to the big name company you used to work for EVEN If it was 9 years ago!

Simon inherited a shed load of debt when he took the reins at Avanti Screenmedia but still in our opinion he did an awful job of steering them in any sensible direction even when Neo Advertising came calling (in fact ESPECIALLY when Neo came calling) with pots of money.

Having said that this new role maybe a good spot for him, DCM should do well as it is now a virtual monopoly!

Simon replaces Martin Bowley, who left DCM in January – no-one of course will say but there were some ‘juicy’ rumours about that departure way back at the beginning of the year.

3 Responses to “DCM Hires Simon Rees As Mangling Director”

  1. Vincent Rice Says:

    Wow, don’t mince your words Adrian! Seriously though, how can a virtual monopoly (even more so since Vue ditched poor old Pearl & Dean loose millions? Unless its supposed to of course. Also, why has it so far escaped the attentions of the DTI?

  2. Keith Nilsen Says:

    Mangling Director?

  3. Stuart Tiedeman Says:

    Good Luck in your new role, Simon.

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