Creating A Cross Channel Brand Experience

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

On May 18th and 19th as part of #ScreenMediaExpo in London, Ross Haxton, Group Director of SCG London and Bryan Meszaros, Managing Director of OpenEye will deliver a keynote presentation entitled ‘Creating a Cross Channel Brand Experience‘.

The presentation will combine two distinct perspectives on brand strategy and communication. Meszaros, who started the retail media consultancy OpenEye, will focus on the importance in leveraging multiple media channels, such as mobile and digital signage to create a consistent engagement strategy.

Haxton from the multi-disciplinary brand design firm SCG London will leverage his experience to further discuss the importance of a consistent brand communication and design strategy in both the retail environment and across all external communication channels.

“Brands today are presented with a multitude of dynamic media options, which enable them to engage consumers in a variety of ways,” explains Meszaros. “Their efforts however, often falter with the brand message becoming unclear in crossing-over a variety of media channels.”

Haxton and Meszaros will further explain how brands need to achieve a clear cross channel strategy; defining where and how they communicate, appropriate content and a consistent tone of voice is conveyed to relevant audiences.

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