Who Fed The Wall (And The Fingers)?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It may be the World’s biggest installation of MicroTiles but as we all know screens (unlike sisters) don’t do it for themselves and these darn video walls all need feeding!

There are probably two or three content companies in the world with the skills, knowledge, professionalism and passion to work on a MicroTiles project this large and it will come as no surprise to our regular readers that London based Amigo Digital designed and delivered all of the live dynamic content for the first London Stock Exchange Market Open Inauguration Ceremony.

Amigo Digital were commissioned to design the look and feel of all the animations to cover the various screens that now inhabit the atrium and they also designed and specified the layout of all the live data that sits above the background animations.

Alex Hughes, Director of Amigo told us “This project was a real testament to collaborative, successful teamwork, with all participants working flat out to deliver an outstanding result that not only looks great from a design perspective but works dynamically, delivering fully integrated live data and content for a truly great client.”

The key task was to create a bespoke market open ceremony at the London Stock Exchange that delivered a unique and vibrant event for companies listing on LSE markets aiming to showcase London as the international home for business.

In alphabetical order: Amigo Digital, Christie (of course), CMS, Crestron, DailyDOOH’s parent company IGCH Ltd, Focus 21, the LSE’s own IT and project management teams and Scala were all involved in the installation.

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