‘Hybrid’ Panels From DigiBoard

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Digiboard has launched two new hybrid panels at two Shopping Malls (Metrocity and Tepe Nautilus) in Istanbul, Turkey .

Hybrid panel, Metrocity, Istanbul

The “hybrid panel” of Digiboard is a mixture of static panel and a big size digital screen. The static panel is approximately 7,5m x 1,62m into which either a single digital screen (65”) or a video wall (2×2 of 46”) is embedded.

We are told that the hybrid panel is a solution to overcome the mindset barriers of the advertisers as to only spend budget in static media (such as billboards) and to prove that the brand can actually benefit from dynamic advertising for temporary campaigns/promotions and still have corporate claim or message on the static part of the hybrid panel.

Digiboard’s digital signage network at the shopping malls now consists of a total of 98 screens, 4 being hybrid panels, 2 being LEDs and 92 being plasma.

Brands choosing Digiboard’s Shopping Mall network has the potential to reach approximately 90 million people annually.

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