An Exclusive LinkedIn group for Owners, Senior Execs and Board members

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

As some of you will know we also manage a LinkedIn group, called, strangely enough, DailyDOOH – it’s an exclusive group for Owners, Senior Execs and Board members and membership gives one access to an unprecedented worldwide number of senior figures within the Digital Out of Home industry.

Membership at the moment includes the likes of (in no particular order): –

Kaleidovision, Wirespring, ON, Cube-music, MDM.TV, POSTV, Digital View, Remote Media, The Sound Agency, Trumedia,, Demedya, abc-media, EnQii, Wallflowerglobal, Cisco, Dynamax, Adcentricity, Librium TV, i-vu, IMPART Media Group, Sharp, Minicom, Media Landscape, Adwalker, Streetbroadcast, Wututu, Artexe, CBS Outdoor, Airplay America, John Ryan, City Gateway Media, doohm, Blink, Nevron, Quividi, JC Decaux, CSpot Networks, SeeSaw networks, i-Contact etc. etc.

With only 100 members at present we are keen to boost membership in 2008 and so if you think you qualify and are interested then please browse as below and we will deal with the request:-

Whist we are on the subject of LinkedIn we were pleased to see that business named in Wired’s Top 10 Startups Worth Watching in 2008

LinkedIn, a career-oriented social networking site, found 16 million users, yet until recently has been eclipsed by much larger, livelier competitors. Now, a much-needed upgrade has the 4-year-old startup looking pretty good after all. A new developer platform aims to bring LinkedIn networks to the web at large, starting with Business Week’s website, which will show your connections to any companies mentioned in news articles you’re reading. LinkedIn still emphasizes utility over frivolity, and that’s just the way we like it. Instead of virtual hugs and stripper name generators, expect the site to add “modules” that gather news and events from your industry. The dull-but-useful strategy seems to be working: LinkedIn projects revenues of nearly $100 million in 2008 — not too shabby compared to much larger Facebook’s estimated $150 million for 2007.

* Founders: Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, Jean-Luc Valliant
* Funding: $27.5 million from Sequoia Capital, Greylock, the European Founders Fund, Bessemer Venture Partners, and numerous individual angel investors
* Employees: 200

We have been long, long time advocates of LinkedIn (I don’t expect everyone to have gone as crazy as me, with currently 2,240 LinkedIn connections) – there are a lot of business based social networking sites out there and we feel that we have definitely ‘backed the right horse’ (the Wired article gives us even more confidence).

Our R&D folks will be looking at the LinkedIn Developer Platform in Q1 2008 to see if it offers us (i.e. you, our readers) any benefits.

Lastly, there’s also an article here, entitled ‘Expanding Your LinkedIn Network’ which some of you may also be interested in.

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