We Can Change The Future

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Jose Avalos, Intel’s director of retail and digital signage discussed the current state of the business, (interactivity, touch screens, remote management, audience impressions and metrics) and how people want to do more and more with digital signage on the opening day of #ScreenMediaExpo

Jose Avalos in full flow

He also quoted Arbitron as claiming that more people are watching more videos on digital signage than on Internet sites or Facebook.

After showing how Intel has packaged its technology into what it calls the Connected Store to illustrate its integration with various personalized experiences, Avalos said that the technology behind it shows remote management, energy efficiency, anonymous video analytics and audience metrics, and rich media content.

“Proof of play and who is watching are both fully measurable and will be launched in Q2,” he said, going on to add that Intel is driving the 2011 Digital Signage Evaluation Kit based on the Intel/Microsoft Media Player platforms.

With new people and new investment in digital signage in the past year, Avalos says that 2010 was The Year of Digital Signage. The future, he said, includes: mobile, social and interactivity transforming the consumer experience, so there will be more integration. Further, we’ll see more of bringing the best of online into the store with comparisons, research, previewing and more.

“Digital signage is becoming more intelligent, connected, cross-functional, and both persuasive and pervasive.” Avalos said. “We can change the future.”

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