They Paved Paradise…

Geny Caloisi

At #ScreenMediaExpo you could see two mobile digital signage solutions; the iTaxitop from Eye Tease Media and VeriFone’s black cab with a personal screen inside the taxi and the option of being able to pay by credit card. VeriFone’s taxi payment solutions have already been implemented in the US – including New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Baltimore, and Ft Lauderdale.

Geny Caloisi and Richard Corbett, Eye Tease CEO

Both applications were interesting but very different. One is exclusively for the person that takes the taxi, the other one is  for the people that see the taxi from the street or from other cars.

iTaxitop (pictured) is a bright double sided mobile digital advertising screen that sits on the roof of a car. Its LED backlit LCD screen enables dynamic colour adverts to be seen in bright daylight or the dead of night. It is designed to follow the shape and colour of the car.

The ‘i’ in iTaxitop stands for intelligent. Eyetease Media’s clever scheduling software means they can distribute your advertising campaign to one or thousands of iTaxitops in seconds using the latest mobile communications technology. The system supports all content formats, including static imagery and video.

Verizon’s taxi uses 3G technology to distribute content and passengers can choose channels, modify the volume and even switch it off. The company owns a dozen taxis, let us know if you spot or take one.

We like them both and would like to see how they do in ‘The Big Smoke’.


4 Responses to “They Paved Paradise…”

  1. Stan Says:

    I think Richard Corbett should stop pretending to be Mark Pigou 😉

  2. LadiesMan365 Says:

    Sorry but who is that man to the right of the beautiful lady on the left?

    It can’t be Ronnie Corbett unless the beautiful lady is a midget (also) so it must be Mark Pigou or Richard Corbett but I too cannot figure out who it is!

  3. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    I saw that man on the right (whoever it is) leaving the show at the end of day 2 carrying a box of Crunchies and a bottle of champagne

  4. Geny Caloisi Says:

    Adrian, the one with the Crunchies and the Champagne was the real Mr Pigou 😉
    We hope he celebrated with his Champ and Chocs.

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