Dragon’s Den

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In the UK at least season five of Dragon’s Den has started and is already in, about its 3rd episode. Nothing of interest yet with digital out of home (is no-one prepared to take their investment idea to these folks? No? Well I probably wouldn’t be either!!)


Anyway, I am sure it is not supposed to be there, but I found this ‘archive’ of the Dragon’s Den episode on YouTube. It’s the episode where Mark Greenhalgh pitches his Cabtivate idea. It’s very defnitely well worth a watch – especially for non-UK folks who may not have seen it first time around on BBC television.


The comments from the Dragons are very interesting – some don’t get it at alll but those who do focus on the cash flow and balk at the fact that Cabtivate was (allegedly) losing £6K a week in its first year of operation.

Mark Greenhalgh now runs Tapinto

There is still a lot of bad feeling it seems, up in Edinburgh, in the way that Cabtivate went bankrupt. Businesses do go bankrupt, it’s a fact of life.




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