New College Bookstore Media Network

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Scentsa Media Networks a subsidiary of Crescent House Publishing Inc. (a multimedia technology company serving the retail industry) has partnered so we are told with Barnes and Noble College Booksellers to deploy and operate a new Digital Media Network in their campus bookstores.

The network of roughly 1,000 screens will run across 400 bookstores.

The press release states that the College Bookstore Media Network will provide live, high definition media streams to stores and will present a wide array of content specifically designed for college students.

Beginning this month and continuing through summer, multiple large TV screens will be placed in high traffic areas of some of Barnes & Noble’s highest enrolled national campuses including Harvard University, Northwestern University, Texas A&M, Ohio State University, Penn State University, University of Central Florida, and Yale University.

Steven Fish, Co-CEO of Scentsa Media Networks Inc. told us “We are pleased to begin this partnership with Barnes & Noble College Booksellers. Scentsa Media Networks is providing a unique opportunity to build brand awareness and engage the 18-24 year old demographic in a retail environment.”

About Scentsa

Scentsa Media Networks Inc. is an innovation of Crescent House Publishing Inc., an award-winning multimedia technology company serving the global retail industry. Founded in 1992, the company creates marketing and information software solutions for retailers and vendors to reinforce brand awareness, enhance sales training, and create in-store excitement. Scentsa software is available on touch screen displays, digital media screens, and on the web and mobile devices.

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