AccentHealth Adds Nine New ‘Networks’

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

BroadSign powered AccentHealth, America’s largest health education television network this week announced nine new condition-specific networks that reach and educate more than 13 million patients in doctors’ waiting rooms each month.

The nine new networks focus on: Diabetes Health, Heart Health, Men’s Health, Mental Health, Senior Women’s Health, Rheumatology, Allergies, Asthma, and GERD in addition to AccentHealth’s four current networks.

Digitally delivered content will now address the specific education needs of patients, designed to provide preventative health messages and to enhance the dialog they are just about to have with their physicians.

Daniel A. Stone, CEO, AccentHealth told us “The digital age allows us to refine health messaging, directing specific information to only the most relevant patients, providing the information they want, when and where they are eager to learn and can discuss it with their physicians,”

Original programming for the condition-specific networks is produced monthly and focuses on topics such as: Diabetes Living, Heart Matters, and Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis. AccentHealth has received many awards for quality health education programming including the National Health Information Awards program, Cindy and Telly awards, and has been honored by the American Academy of Nursing and the Society of Professional Journalists.

Edith Hodkinson, President, Media Division, AccentHealth added “AccentHealth now fuses the micro-targeting that digital technology allows with the power of full sight, sound and motion programming at the point of care. It’s a dynamic mix for maximum patient engagement and results,”

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