#FEPE More For More Using Media Wisely

Geny Caloisi

There were good presentations yesterday here in Madrid at FEPE’s 52nd Congress and day two has really kicked off with what one could only call ‘fascinating presentations’ with the likes of Hamish Pringle from the IPA and Glen Wilson from Posterscope sharing some great insights into the OOH industry.

“We have to think not about who gets more for less, we need to aim at getting more for more using media wisely” so said Ralph W.H. Kaebe. Director Marketing Communications. Unitymedia Group (shown above) who so far has been one of our personal favourite presentations.

John Ellery described Ralph as a ‘Michael McIntyre‘ more about style than looks. It’s been a seriously great presentation, good humour and mainly drawn in biro! Less is more as they say!

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