Don’t Spend It All At Once

Chris Sheldrake

Access 360 Media has raised USD 8 Million in venture capital funding from Mission Ventures, an investment group best known for early stage investments in Southern California information technology, healthcare and service companies.

Access 360 Media seems to want to be hip, young, cool, trendy – or perhaps it is and we just don’t know it, Ed and describes itself as the (US) “nation’s largest out-of-home media network reaching young adults” AND “the leading multi-platform media network that connects young adult consumers with blue-chip brand advertisers” though it strikes us that almost anyone could be the world’s or nation’s biggest in anything if the niche was small enough.

The A3M network is based around partnerships with 20 retail chains, 14,000 retail locations resulting in approximately 170 million media-savvy consumers.

Lon Otremba, CEO of Access 360 Media made mention of today’s OVAB Audience Metrics Guidelines in the press release “Traditional media is becoming more difficult to measure and the current economic climate has marketers seeking even higher levels of accountability. These factors create a significant opportunity for the out-of-home industry particularly with OVAB announcing their Audience Metrics Guidelines … We’re very much looking forward to putting this capital to work during this period of rapid industry growth and achieving the next round of Access 360 Media’s success.”

It will be interesting to see how well they spend this new found wealth.

About Access 360 Media

Access 360 Media is a premier multi-platform media network that connects to more than 173MM young adult (P12-34) consumers each month in the places and through the communication channels that matter most to them—In-store, Online and Mobile. This multi-platform media network allows advertisers and retailers to fully integrate with young adult consumers by encouraging youth to engage and connect in the marketing message. Based in New York and Los Angeles and led by an experienced executive team, Access 360 Media has distinguished itself through many successful campaigns for and partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and leading retail chains—including the likes of Macy’s, Sony, Underground Station, Cingular, Motorola, Quiksilver, Wrigley’s, Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks.

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