Конференция Digital Signage

Geny Caloisi

Конференция Digital Signage – Альтернативы нет or ‘Digital Signage Conference no alternative‘ in English attracted 200 attendees in a very sunny Moscow this week.

Digisky's Vladimir Kozlov introduces Michael Stern

Representatives from IKEA, OBI, Melon Fashion Group, Sberbank, Lukoil, Rostiks Group and other large companies from the financial and industrial sectors, retail and Hospitality sector listened to a wide range of excellent international and local speakers.

Attendees also had the chance to see a small selection of wares in a demonstration area setup outside the conference room proper (including an NEC video-wall, anonymous video analytics application from Intel, semi-industrial hardware player solutions from AOpen, advertising media players and all-in-one displays from IAdea, solutions for professional presentations from Digisky, and interactive gesture operated display systems).

Michael Stern representing the Imperative Group kicked off the day with a brilliant keynote noting the lessons learnt from his work with PRN / Walmart and more generally from the work done by the Imperative Group.

Geny Caloisi and Strata Partners' Anastasia Yusina

Bluefox’s Guillaume de la Tour talked content which the audience seemed to love and AOpen’s Natalia Vorontsova talked hardware and there were truly great presentations in a mixture of Russian and English throughout the day.

Our editor in chief Adrian Cotterill wrapped up the day’s proceedings with a presentation in his usual style linking back all of the day’s speakers, cross referencing, commenting, cajoling and attempting to make sense of the ‘whole’ for the audience. His opening comments were “There is a tremendous opportunity here in Russia for the digital signage industry to leap ahead of many others by learning from the many mistakes in the last seven years made all across Europe and the US”.

He continued “Credit to Digisky and Adissy as events as good as (today) go a long way in helping achieve that”.

Denis Zeltser from VIVID gave one of the best presentations

Scala’s Alain Bodenstedt agreed and said “Excellent conference. Great! Very smart selection of speakers. The correct balance of foreign and Russian experts”

Ronni Guggenheim, President of Minicom Digital Signage / EnQii, OVAB Europe Vice President and one of the conference speakers also said “I would like to express my compliments to Digisky and Adissy for putting together this outstanding conference focused on end users. It is a first to see such a focus and number of real customers and not only channel and co-vendors turning up for a high profile event with real educational value. We rarely see in the western world so professionally organized events, with a clear focus and message. Hope it will be repeated next year!“

Adissy’s CEO Alexander Pivovarov concluded “This conference is the countdown to the new stage of development of Digital Signage in Russia. We have passed the infancy period. It’s time to grow and make money!”

Our hosts and conference organisers Digisky and technical partner Adissy couldn’t have been more organised, more professional, more hospitable or more kind and a truly wonderful time was had by all.

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