OVAB Report: OOH Media Forecast 2008-2012

Manolo Almagro, Q Division Managing Partner

Patrick Quinn, CEO PQ Media delivered highlights and some exclusive details on their follow up report to their recent 2007 analysis.

I will submit more specifics in an upcoming post, the key take away was that PQ Media predicts that the current economic downturn will actually accelerate the growth of the place-based media industry as it will become the most efficient and direct way to communicate with consumers out-side of the home.

They also noted at that by 2012 the video advertising networks will exceed 2 billion in revenue and DOOH will exceed 4 billion.

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  1. Perry Korse Says:

    OOH and DOOH forecasts varied widely last year expept for the uptrend. May be we need to divide the OOH scetor into at least five catagories instedad of bundling them.

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