InfoComm Twitter Divided

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The InfoComm organisers’ failure to choose the best hashtag (only our opinion of course – although in our poll 83% of respondents agreed that our recommendation of #InfoComm11 was the better one) and subsequent non enforcement / encouragement to standardise on a single hashtag (or at least the one that the majority of the #AVtweeps twitterati preferred) is somewhat dividing (and diluting) the pre-event online conversation via twitter.

.....squawk 7600.....squawk 7600.....squawk 7600.....

In the last month, as people get excited about next week’s show, we have seen twitter traffic increase significantly.


Scarily though for all those who want one single place to share their InfoComm experience (and that is of course the paying exhibitors and the show’s attendees) any online conversation is NOW spread across four hashtags!!

We stripped out dozens of Imagine Cup related tweets in the #ic11 hashtag from our servers that monitor the activity but still came up with..

  • #ic11 287
  • #infocomm 90
  • #infocomm11 330
  • #infocommshow 104

Included in all of those tweets in the last month are 300 duplicates – i.e. folks ‘hedging their bets’ and including more than one hashtag in a tweet.

Our strong recommendation remains the same as before however AND is generally supported by the top guys and gals in #AVtweeps (and the mighty Jason Cremins) and that’s to stick to using ONLY #InfoComm11 in your tweets – that’s both descriptive of the event and unique enough as well as being year specific.

It also does NOT infringe on the Microsoft supported Imagine Cup (#ic11)

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  1. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    This morning we even saw tweets using the hashtag #InfoComm2011 !!!

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