Here Comes Twoppy

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Dutch startup ‘twoppy’ is all set to disrupt the mobile event guides market with a free platform where an event organiser can create their own smartphone event app (a digital event guide on a mobile phone for example) and provide it to visitors.

Once event organisers have added their event information to twoppy, attendees can interactively access it via their mobile phone for free.

Until recently an event app was probably only affordable for large events with a correspondingly larger budget. The advent of twoppy makes this available for everyone.

The simple system requires no technical knowledge and the basic functionality is completely free although there are of course some premium optional ‘features’ available; branding of the dashboard, sponsor representation, analytics and teh such like.

The twoppy platform is we are told suitable for any type of event; conferences, fairs, festivals and sports events as well as zoos, theme parks and museums.

A number of well-known events such as TEDx Amsterdam conference, A State of Trance (by Armin van Buuren), Rotterdam Zoo, National Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome and Amusement Park Bobbejaanland are already offering their visitors program information through twoppy.

After three months of operating in the domestic Dutch and Belgium market, twoppy is expanding globally.

To experience the twoppy mobile event guide yourself as a visitor surf to on your smartphone.

About twoppy

The startup is based in the Netherlands and founded in 2009 and is officially released on February 15th 2011 in the Netherlands and Belgium through a web based application suitable for all modern smartphones.

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