Former BroadSign CEO Owed Millions By Petters Group

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In documents supplied to the United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Minnesota on 14th October 2008 we notice that in the ‘list of creditors holding largest unsecured claims‘ is one Cord Christensen – a co-founder and former CEO of BroadSign USA…

In 2004 Cord Christensen founded BroadSign USA, which grew into BroadSign International Inc in 2006.

Cord is largely responsible for the vision that drives the success of the BroadSign brand. He is also in charge of translating this strategic vision into practical goals, budgets and contracts. He provides direction and support to the executive team, and makes sure all departments have the resources needed to accomplish their objectives.

Throughout his career Cord has been busy building businesses and bringing them to success. In the late 90’s he and his partners started a consumer electronics manufacturing company that later became Petters Consumer Brands (PCB), an independent operating company of Petters Group Worldwide. PCB eventually acquired one of the world’s top twenty brands, Polaroid(R).

Prior to PCB, Cord had spent 10 years working in various grocery store chains, such as Albertsons and Fleming Foods, holding positions up to Vice President of Operations and President.

In the middle of 2007 we had of course the announcement “former chief financial officer of Petters Group Worldwide Rick Engels … appointed CEO of BroadSign International Inc., … He succeeds one of the founders of BroadSign, Cord Christensen, who will remain involved with the company as co-founder”

The court documents show that Cord Christensen, C&C Capital, LLC is owed USD 3,500,000 and Cord Christensen, True North Funding is owed a further USD 1,100,000.

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