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Sound Business by Julian Treasure

Tuesday, July 17, 2007 13:41

This book has already been covered on BBC TV and Radio and in The Economist and The Guardian but having just read it again we think it is well worthwhile reminding you about it.

Sound Business [1] by Julian Treasure from The Sound Agency [2] explains exactly how to take control of sound to improve almost every aspect of a business, we particularly liked the importance he stresses of designing ‘soundscapes’ correctly for retail spaces.

Just as the combination of colours, shapes, textures and lighting creates a whole visual effect – a ‘soundscape’ can be created using a combination of background and foreground sound and acoustics.

When you have read this book you will come to realise that most retail ‘soundcapes’ are: –

– arbitrary (nobody designed them)
– hostile (they make shoppers leave more quickly)
– incongruous (they have no relationship to the visual brand)

The key is to design the whole ‘soundscape’, including any digital screen media, from the ground up to create a pleasing and nourishing sonic environment that encourages consumers / customers / shoppers to feel relaxed, unhurried, positive and happy.

Importantly the book is pitched at managers and NOT necessarily sound experts; as such it is an easy and informative read.

ISBN-10: 1852525282