Screach That Big Tall Screen

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

UK based City Gateway Media and Screenreach Interactive, creators of digital media platform Screach, are this week pioneering the Screach application on the Manchester Tower.

Screach allows two way, real time interactions between a smart device and content on a digital screen, and will be used by City Gateway to invite audiences to see their Facebook profile image appear on the screen at their 19m high skyscraper site in Manchester’s Piccadilly area.

The public will have to download the Screach app of course, enter the unique code displayed on the Manchester Tower (if they can read it, it seems an awful long way away) and instantly have their face appear on the huge digital screen.

As an incentive to engage, everyone that interacts will be entered into a free draw to win an Apple iPad2.

The campaign we are told is being conducted as an experiment to assess the importance of audience engagement and interaction in an out-of-home environment. By building up a dialogue with the Tower’s two million throughput, City Gateway and Screenreach propose to present a review of the data collected throughout the project to build an ROI model that works on a CPR basis for advertisers and the digital-out-of-home industry as a whole.

The trial begins today, Wednesday 22 June and will continue for a number of weeks.

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