#InfoComm11 Hashtag Analysis

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Our servers collected the tweets, the data has been crunched and the report written and it’s up in the Amazon kindle stores of the US, the United Kingdom and Germany and so ladies and gentlemen we once again bring you a detailed analysis of an event hashtag; in this case it’s Orlando, Florida and #InfoComm11, #IC11, #IC2011, #InfoComm2011 and #InfoComm.

Available in US, UK and German kindle stores

To summarise briefly: –

  1. @ravepubs won hands down with the number of tweets (we were second but we were a LONG way behind – 392 vs 209)
  2. User engagement for this year compared to 2010 was almost doubled, with 4% of the attendee number tweeting
  3. There were 7,948 references made by ANYONE that mentioned the (various) show hashtags
  4. While #IC11 was promoted as the official hashtag, there was a large groundswell amongst well known and active users (including ourselves) in favour of using #InfoComm11 as a better alternative which wouldn’t conflict with other organisations and events using #IC11. Consequently the majority of messages were divided between the two.
  5. 1% of tweets included the three (major) hashtags and 15% of tweets included two.

The report retails for EUR 5,18 or USD 7.36 or GBP 4.61 depending on whether you buy it from the German, US or United Kingdom Amazon kindle store.

Remember that if you don’t have an actual Kindle device, Kindle reader apps can be downloaded for Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry in the US and for PC and Mac on Desktops – one of the reasons why we chose to publish using Kindle and not some other mechanism!

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2 Responses to “#InfoComm11 Hashtag Analysis”

  1. ShouldHaveBeenInfocomm11 Says:

    Here’s one tweet that demonstrates the issue that the organisers made for themselves by not listening to good advice nor listening to @ravepubs , #AVtweeps and others (who made up the majority of the twitter according to the report)

    From @InfoCommShowGuy Jason McGraw, I quote …

    Thank you for all who participated in InfoComm 2011! What a great Show! #IC11 #InfoComm11 #InfoComm2011

    Three hashtags to cover all his bases and one show mention when as the DailyDOOH team showed eloquently in their post ‘How to shorten a tweet’ the same can be conveyed simply by tweeting …

    Thank you for all who participated in #InfoComm11 ! What a great Show!

    Let’s hope that next year they listen!

  2. Ash Tag Says:

    What are you going to spend your share of the £23.05 on?

    How about Issy-Neale for Dummies as your next publishing foray guaranteed to be a gripping read , go on you know you want to!

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