Ricoh’s Backlit Eco-Board

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Ricoh have just launched a billboard powered only by wind and solar energy. For sure it’s ‘only’ a backlit poster but the idea has merit and it’s surely worth a mention.

Ricoh's 100% sustainable ‘eco-board’ in London

The Ricoh eco-board is the first of its kind in Europe in having dual natural sources of power so that it illuminates only when sufficient power is collected, demonstrating by example the company’s long term commitment to sustainable business.

Phil Keoghan, CEO of Ricoh UK told us “Our ethos is to go beyond simply meeting regulatory requirements relating to sustainability by proactively promoting environmentally responsible practices in our own business and for our customers. The launch of the eco-board takes us one step further by reminding wider public audiences to act in a sustainable way and think beyond the obvious when it comes to protecting natural resources,”

He added “At Ricoh, we have been committed to reducing our company’s carbon footprint for decades, already achieving zero waste to landfill at major production sites back in 2001. We are also focused on encouraging our supply chain to adopt sustainable business models that can help protect the environment whilst improving productivity and profits.”

The Ricoh eco-board is located on the M4 motorway which runs from London out towards London Heathrow airport, Reading, Swindon, Bristol and baa land.

The eco-board is powered by 96 solar panels and 5 individual wind turbines and forms a key part of Ricoh’s overall commitment to raising environmental awareness in the region. People journeying into the heart of London will pass the eco-board which carries Ricoh’s Managed Document Services message – the company’s sustainable approach to streamlining business processes and document workflows.

The eco-board in London joins Ricoh’s solar powered billboard launched in Times Square, New York last year.

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