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Jibestream Kiosk At Canadian Tire

Shoppers at Canadian Tire [1]’s Meadowvale in Mississauga, Ontario, can digitally browse its flyer, search and locate products, scan QR codes and get instant promotions sent to smartphones, all via an in-store digital product locator kiosk by Jibestream Interactive Media [2], Toronto.

[3]Located at the entry area of the store, the Jibestream product locator features a Canadian Tire-branded 42” LCD touch screen loaded with content and tools designed to promote sales items, drive purchases on high margin and over-stocked goods, and enhance the overall consumer experience.

The kiosk developed by Jibestream has a broad suite of software tools that enable such things as a searchable, interactive version of the weekly Canadian Tire flyer, video ads served in real-time based on search analytics, and mapping tools that direct buyers to goods sold in the large general merchandise retailer.

To drive awareness and usage of the kiosk, a special Canada Day promotion is planned this week with Coleman [4], the outdoor products company. From June 29-to-July 3, Toronto-based event marketing firm Mouse Marketing [5] will have staff on site guiding consumers to the Jibestream kiosk to search for featured Coleman products, with prizes awarded to some participants.

The promotion is designed to educate and raise general shopper awareness of Coleman products, and drive impulse sales, as well as demonstrate the ease of use and value of Jibestream’s retail technology. The Coleman event follows a promotion earlier this month with Miracle-Gro fertilizer products.

“These sorts of promotions really help drive the value of bringing interactive into large retail settings,” explains Chris Wiegand, COO of Jibestream. “Canadian Tire retail outlets are very large stores, with a lot of great stuff, and we’re showing here how this technology lets shoppers easily, quickly find what they need, while also layering in technologies like mobile apps. Smartphone integration is a big part of future shopping, and we’ve already been applying that with several retail clients.”

The Novomap touch-screen kiosk includes: a
full store map and directory; contextual product advertising served in real-time based on product search parameters; an interactive flyer that allows product search directly from the flyer, and locates the products within the store; a QR code and mobile app integration. It also has full tracking and reporting for activity and trends.
“This is strictly a one-off with the owner of this Canadian Tire,” says Wiegand, adding that he expects the corporate company will be watching it carefully.

[6]Jibestream’s flagship Novomap interactive platform engages consumers in retail and other settings with interactive screens that go beyond simple directories and wayfinding. Dynamic, smart-mapping solutions tailor information to what’s happening in a venue and what people are looking for, and then delivers it to users on their terms.

Novomap is already deployed in venues like malls, airports, hospital and campuses – delivering real-time, business-driven and customized solutions that remove visitor confusion, streamline operations, reduce costs and introduce new revenues. The technology includes ‘smart’ advertising modules, flexible layouts and open architecture that easily ties in to useful data from venue or external systems..

Among Jibestream’s other deployments is one in association with Clear Channel [7] and Grudcast Media [8] at Pearson international Airport in Toronto, with a 103” plasma screen and 32” touch screen. The company has just been mandated to add another 18 interactive units at the airport.