#mwl2011 Mr Bendy Banana Curvey Man

Geny Caloisi

Visitors to Marketing Week Live’s InStore trade show at Olympia this week had another chance to see this incredibly nice curved column made up of Christie MicroTiles…

Designed and built by 10 Squared this unique shape and tile combination was first shown back in May at #ScreenMediaExpo in London and here was on the 53 Degrees Limited stand.

A great shape and one that (aside from #ScreenMediaExpo) many would not have seen before but I do feel the content let’s it down a little. Content that made it look like a giant mobile phone or even a banana would have really caught the attendee’s eye and better showcased the shape, Ed

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  1. Bill Jones Says:

    Should change this ‘blog’ website name to dailyblatantmicrotilespromohowmucharetheypayinya.com

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