Election Night 2008 in Times Square

Manolo Almagro, Weekly Columnist

We’ve been so busy in Times Square New York over this past weekend – what with our ASICs NYC Marathon DOOH event ending on Sunday – I almost didn’t get a chance to write about our next big DOOH project…

On November 4th starting at 7pm EST, ABC News (with a little help from Show + Tell) will transform Times Square into a massive live DOOH event.

The ABC News Team will be broadcasting its live news coverage of the US Presidential elections from the center of Times Square.

The backdrop to this TV broadcast will be 3 of the Square’s most iconic LED screens…

  1. The ABCSupersign
  2. The NASDAQ sign
  3. 23 story high Reuter’s Sign

Each of these signs have been choreographed to display various types of live data feeds and election projections which are generated on-the-fly by a statistical analysis database of incoming poll results.

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