Digiadvans Begets Fleetscreen

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The mark of any good business is one that keeps innovating, indeed, morphing if necessary into something else. We reckon that Fleetscreen (described below) could easily be as big, if not bigger than digiadvans.

One day dear van you may have a screen

Fleetscreen, we are told, was born out of the frustration which both public and private sector suffer whilst communicating messages to their respective target audiences.

Having recently installed 2 x 46″ high bright screens into Westminster police outdoor broadcasting vehicles I think we can see where digiadvans are going with this.

Fleetscreen itself creates an innovative DOOH installation, adding significant weight to any fleet of vehicles regardless of brand or service (one obvious reason for installing screens into fleet vehicles is to extend the marketing reach).

Scott Anthony, Managing Director of SA Media Group predicts “that in less than 5 years the majority of fleet vehicles, wether it be Tesco, Asda, DHL, Waitrose, John Lewis or Next to name a few, will absolutely be accommodating some form of screen technology in which to communicate with their target audiences”.

A clear example would be say, British Gas service vehicles which UK residents see each day in residential locations. If average dwell time for the engineer is perhaps 45 minutes, this allows for British Gas to broadcast numerous sales and service messages to that residential area for anyone who walks or drives by.

Fleetscreen will also provide interactive touch screens into a fleet, allowing ‘close proximity engagement’ and thus allowing sampling campaigns, voting or other experiential marketing activities.

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