The Future By Airbus Comes From The Cloud

Geny Caloisi

KIT digital, a Czech Republic headquartered company that provides cloud-based digital signage solutions, is delivering Digital Signage video to Airbus. Airbus currently uses the KIT digital video management platform to communicate with its employees on a regular basis. Recently, it expanded its usage to deliver a powerful vision of the future of flight to the rest of the world, by leveraging the KIT Platform to publish and distribute content across an expanded network of viewers.

“We realized the power of video to tell our story and unify our employees after the successful internal launch of Airbus TV last year,” said Laurent Fradin, Head of Web & Images at Airbus. “When we began conceptualizing ‘The Future by Airbus’ campaign, which involved asking 10,000 people around the world what they want from air transport by 2050, it was apparent that we would again be employing the powerful medium of video to bring this vision to life. We knew the company to help us do this was KIT digital, which delivers not only a very robust, reliable video content management platform, but also the social media and technical savvy to help us spread our story virally across the world.”

Airbus first showcased “The Future by Airbus” at the Paris Air Show in June. Through online and mobile engagement, Airbus addressed many of the concerns its large base of survey respondents shared, using video to demonstrate the new concepts and ideas that stemmed from the research.

Kaleil Isaza Tuzman, KIT digital’s chairman and CEO, commented: “For non-media companies, video enables direct engagement with a target audience in a fresh way, and given the lower costs and barriers to entry implied in IP video distribution today, these companies can become broadcasters on par with traditional media companies for certain types of content. Airbus is demonstrating how video can be harnessed not only as an internal communications tool in the corporation but also to create branded entertainment campaigns and original content that facilitates intimate customer engagement. We are proud to power and extend such a dynamic approach.”

KIT digital provides the single, integrated solution for Airbus’ internal and external IP video management and distribution needs. The KIT Platform also enables Airbus to deliver “The Future of Airbus” video content to multiple third-party websites and social networks.

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