Association Canadienne De l’affichage Numérique (ACAN)

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The Canadian Out-of-Home Digital Association (CODA), representing the out-of-home digital industry leaders across Canada, has ramped up efforts to serve the French-Canadian marketplace through the establishment of a Quebec arm of CODA, to be known as the Association canadienne de l’affichage numérique (ACAN).

Spearheading the creation of ACAN are Philippe Marchessault, executive vice-president general manager, Newad Media, Montreal, and Denys Lavigne, president, Arsenal Media, Boisbriand, Que., and founder of JADN Dynamic Digital Signage Day. CODA and ACAN share a mission to promote the out-of-home digital medium, encourage best practices within the industry and provide leadership for its growth in the Canadian market.

“The arrival of this Quebec-based, francophone unit is extremely important for our organization,” says Michael Girgis, CODA’s Chairman and head of Onestop Media Group. “It gives us a true nation-wide presence and will help us to fully realize our mission. As the Quebec out-of-home digital market is very active and diverse, ACAN will broaden the way we look at the industry.”

Newad’s Marchessault will oversee the coordination of this new unit.

“The out-of-home digital industry is growing steadily and becoming an integral part of advertising and marketing strategies worldwide,” says Marchessault. “It is imperative that all industry leaders in Canada unite to ensure the long-term viability of out-of-home digital signage. With CODA/ACAN, Quebec industry leaders will now have a strong voice in this process. Together, and for starters, we will begin working towards the standardization of audience metrics and creative formatting.”

Lavigne says. “Since its creation, CODA has been working hard on the front line to bring together the various players in the industry and promote the value of this relatively new medium. We now hope to build further on this momentum and mobilize the firms in Quebec that are pioneering the way in our industry.”

CODA’s new French unit has launched a Web site at

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