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AV Communications Supplement

The AV Communications Supplement put together by the folks over at Lyonsdown [1] will be distributed in the Daily Torygraph this week (Thursday 24th November 2011).

[2]Expect to see Scala and NEC with various editorial (sorry, we mean adverts) in the supplement.

Lyonsdown and MediaPlanet [3] are two of the better known businesses who put these paid-for supplements together – regular readers will know that we worked with the latter (unsuccessfully as it happened) on a proposed [4] Digital Placed Based Media Supplement which should have been distributed with the Independent newspaper ahead of #ScreenMediaExpo.

Although we personally spent a great deal of time writing the foreword, planning the editorial, gathering and briefing the writers etc that supplement did not happen because it was impossible to get on board enough advertisers (in fact I don’t think that MediaPlanet secured one advertiser or sponsor for the proposed Digital Placed Based Media Supplement) – there are always plenty of people who will raise their hand to speak to a journalist (or the editor) for editorial but few who will put that same hand in their pocket to advertise.

Theses sorts of supplements of course only work if you can get enough sponsors and advertisers on board. We know for sure that Scala and NEC have signed up and other claimed participants are said to be Intel, 3M Touchscreen and Panasonic.

The media kit, “Audio-visual communications have come of age but few CEOs and company directors fully understand the potential of AV to transform their business” details over five glossy pages the reasons that sponsors / advertisers might want to be involved BUT unfortunately Lyonsdown make the usual mistake (of supplement publishers) of making the scope of the supplement far too wide in the hope of reaching as many potential sponsors and advertisers as possible. From their brochure…

As you can see from the list above that’s something of a buzzword-fest.

These sort of supplements can work (they can get huge readership what with being published with a mainstream newspaper title) but they need to be focussed and relevant, they need to have a very clear division between sponsorship and editorial, and more importantly need to be well edited.

Our first sight of the media kit didn’t fill us with a great deal of hope for this one but we will obviously take a look at the finished supplement in a few weeks time.

‘participants’ of course is a clever way of saying in the introductory email that they ‘may’ be sponsoring or advertising or merely we have rung them up and spoke to them about editorial. It will be interesting to see who finally advertises and who of course gets editorial coverage