You Don’t Have The Biggest Mr Primesight

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Primesight, who up until recently didn’t have any digital in London were crowing early on Tuesday via Twitter the fact that they are now selling (we quote here because it was NOT accurate) “the UK’s biggest digital screen on the UK’s busiest road. #nameinlights!

They are talking of course about the much maligned digital screen on the Hogarth roundabout (sometimes called The Hogarth Experience) on the A4 into London which is more often OFF than ON when we drive past on our way into town.

Both Media Equals and Outdoorplus have tried to sell it in the past (though we understand that the latter hasn’t been operating it for a good few months now). Bottom line it is a very challenging location so Primesight will need all their wit and bartering skills to get good brands up there.

The screen at Hogarth certainly looks impressive but at 3 metres x 35 metres it isn’t the largest screen in London let alone in the UK.

In the UK the largest screen is either Ocean Outdoor’s LED in Liverpool (21 metres x 7 metres) or it’s the Mega Plus in Western Avenue London operated by outdoorplus at 36.5 metres x 4.5 metres.

Anyway, hats off to @Primesight who twittered a correction later in the day “Primesight to sell digital screen on the UK’s busiest road. #nameinlights!

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