City24/7 To Launch Mid-October

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We are good (we think) at exclusives and over the last four years we have surely brought you many but how about news of a top secret, yet to be launched (and we have to say rather exciting) brand new purely digital network in New York City?

Described as a ‘revolutionary communications system designed for the 21st century” approval has already been given for the initial rollout of 250 units in New York City’s five boroughs.

The network itself will consist of Smart Screens teamed with mobile apps and a web portal that will be able to deliver both daily and critical information.

Two big selling points of the network as sold to the city seem to have been (a) the networks built-in emergency features and (b) “how we connect people and communities” is a phrase oft repeated in their sales spiel and indeed one of their mantras is also “the company is founded on the idea of public service”

Tom Trouchet, previously Executive Producer of NBCs Today Show is the CEO and he is supported by Dr. Mark Freeland (CTO), Mike Mainthow (CMO), Roger Rowe (Founder and Managing Partner) and Matt O’Hara (Director of Business Development).

Rumour is that there’s a nice little frenzy going on between a couple of the big ad guys who want in for the launch which sort of makes sense given all the attention on digital at Publicis and Kinetic’s excellent report out a couple of weeks ago.

Planned launch date for the network we believe is mid-October. If that is true then it may mean we will be in NYC as it happens – we have three or four trips to NYC between now and Xmas and of course the 6th Digital Signage Investor Conference and the DPAA Media summit are mid-October also.

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